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Josh Playing with Beethoven Pian


Dedicated classical piano student Josh (Aric Floyd), who rarely leaves the practice room, falls under the spell of a free-spirited beauty, Charlotte (Naomi Druskic). On the day before a life-changing competition, Josh goes against his better judgement, and the wishes of his stern teacher Victor Zabov (Patrick Gorman), and joins Charlotte for a night of music and adventure. Along the way, he meets Charlotte's sister Bryn (Shannon Elizabeth), who is suspicious of Charlotte's motives. To further complicate matters, Josh's estranged father, Ted (Kadeem Hardison), shows up in town hoping to reconcile. Josh's experiences on the journey teach him that  life, like music, is all about taking risks.



The year 2020 will mark the two hundred fiftieth anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven, making "Playing With Beethoven" a timely celebration of Beethoven's music and a testament to musicians' continuing desire to reinterpret his work. 


The film's music, which was performed live on set by the lead actors (who are also virtuoso pianists), features jazz, gospel and funk-infused arrangements of Beethoven's piano sonatas, in addition to more traditional interpretations. In all, over 30 artists played and/or sang live on set!

The film not only celebrates Beethoven, but also gives us, the filmmakers, the chance to introduce classical music to a younger generation in a fresh, innovative way they can find appealing.  And because the film takes place in a music conservatory and depicts a main character who, in a very real sense, is freed from his resentment and isolation by Beethoven's music, it helps to drive home the importance of music education and how fulfilling it can be to learn and master an instrument.

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