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The Outcasts

A story about family, hope, and kicking evil galactic butt.

The Outcasts is an exhilarating and heartwarming space adventure that combines nostalgic storytelling with modern sensibilities. This character-driven film presents a unique blend of sci-fi, action, and humor, appealing to a wide audience.


At its core, The Outcasts explores the themes of family bond, resilience, and the power of unity against injustice. It takes viewers on an emotional journey as Dav, the determined yet reluctant hero, with help from the rescued gifted kids, defies all odds to rescue his daughter from the clutches of a corrupt government entity.


What sets The Outcasts apart is its diverse cast of characters with extraordinary abilities, each bringing their own personality, wit, and powers to the team. The film balances thrilling action sequences with heartfelt moments of connection and growth, highlighting the resilience and spirit of these young heroes.


This film offers a visually stunning and immersive world, from distant planets to futuristic spacecraft, captivating viewers with its rich universe. The audience will be drawn into the high-stakes adventure, cheering for The Outcasts as they navigate through exhilarating challenges and unexpected twists.


With its universal themes, engaging characters, and a story that resonates with both young and adult audiences, The Outcasts has the potential to captivate viewers worldwide. It provides a fresh take on the space adventure genre, driven by heart, humor, and a message of hope.


We invite you to join us in bringing The Outcasts to life—an exhilarating, heartfelt journey that will leave audiences inspired, entertained, and longing for more. Together, let's embark on this thrilling cinematic voyage, offering a truly unforgettable experience for audiences everywhere.

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Meet The Team

Our team has a solid track record with each member having over 20 years experience in the film industry.. They have 6 distributed feature films, 14 digital series, and over 200 other projects with major brands and celebrities,  Moreover, they've won various awards for their work including Dances With Film, San Francisco Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, Rome Web Awards, Independent Series Awards, Vancouver Web Fest, The Telly Awards, The IAWTV Awards, the Toronto Web Fest and The Emmys.

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